The Black Box

The Meteor is a black box theatre with no fixed arrangement of stage or seating. It’s approximately 21m x 17m x 5m in size and as it is completely flexible, it can be configured in a variety of ways.

We have movable seating blocks and each block can be used individually or in groups. In our standard theatre configuration, we have the in-house capacity for 114 seats, which includes two ground-level rows. We can also create smaller audience capacity according to your needs.

We have a separate seating block that can be implemented to increase your seating capacity to 170. However, the implementation of this seating block will incur an additional charge. If you want to increase your seating beyond that, then run your ideas past us! Bear in mind, extra seating may have an associated cost. 

We also have 8 large round tables that can be used to create a cabaret style configuration.

For music / band performances / gigs, The Meteor is licensed for a standing capacity of 350

We also have experienced technicians on hand for $48 +GST per hour.

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