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Get Your Shit Sorted

Monday, 13th May, 3:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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Professional development meets a great fucking night out

Meet professional development’s rockstar half-sibling. Half professional development, half team building, half essential life skills, half riotous night out to remember. Yes, that’s four halves. We’re speakers, not mathematicians.

Treat your team to drinks, dinner, three speakers and an overachieving emcee who’ll rip your heart open, dance on it, and put it back together a different shape. Expect laughter, tears, and language to make a sailor blush.

Truthfully, the whole idea of getting your shit sorted… Well, there’s no such thing. So much is beyond our control. But, for our third season running, we can share some tools that can make the ride a bit less WTF. So, this is an evening of professional development, team building, and entertainment while we talk about ways to be okay when the world isn’t helping you.

Come along, bring a mate, have a ball

It’s been a rugged start to the year. Do you need a good night out that can be charged to the business? Want to feel guilt-free when you book that babysitter because “It’s for work, wink, wink”?

Have we got the ticket for you. Head into winter on a high note. Phone a friend and come along for some neuroscience, resilience strategies, and some tools for growth and wellbeing so together, we can get your shit sorted for the long dark months.

Your Evening

Doors open at 3:30pm and the show kicks off at 4pm. You’ll arrive to nibbles, coffee, and a bar that’ll stay open all night for you to buy drinks and get well-lubricated. Dinner and dessert are included, and while the show ends by 8pm at you’re invited to stay after the talks, have another drink, and hang out.

  • A pack of tissues
  • Your wallet for drinks
  • An open mind and an open heart
Don’t bring
  • Your sensitivities – We’re going deep, we’re going real, and there will be cussing

Your Speakers

Miraka Davies – Founder & Badass

Part rockstar, part wordsmith, 100% badass. Miraka Davies is a people pleaser in recovery who has spent the last decade infiltrating organisations on the pretext of giving writing training while subverting their teams to question the rules and fuck shit up.

The antidote to toxic professionalism and academic stuffiness, Miraka breaks all the rules and proves that not taking yourself too seriously, living life with a heart wide open, and sprinkling more than a few f-bombs along the way, is the key to having the wild and precious life you choose for yourself.

Ola Ioane – Leadership transformer & challenger

Not afraid to stand in front of a leaf-blower for a good hair shot, Ola is well known as the MC who performs spontaneous poetry and gets a room shaking their booties.

As his career has moved from banking to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and now leadership, Ola has been peeling back the layers of societal and cultural norms while he stays always mindful of the world we leave behind.

Ola’s voice is nearly as powerful as his heart, though he’s way too humble to admit either of those things. Now where’s that leaf blower?

Eithne Sweeney – Rebel Communicator

Founder of technical communication consultancy Wires Uncrossed, Eithne has the unicorn skill of helping technical experts play nice with others. In fact, she’s married to one, so she really takes her work seriously.

It was the experience of sailing a small yacht from New Zealand to Ireland with said techy dude that was the catalyst to the business being formed 6 years ago. Because any lessons learned while not stabbing your husband as you sail around the world, well, that shit needs to be monetised.

Cam Fink – Video expert & facilitator of fun

Cam makes people look less shit on camera. He was behind the camera in Season 1 but now he’s standing right where he belongs – on stage as the Facilitator of Fun.

He’s spent a large chunk of his life travelling, having fun and making life-long connections with people in over 70 countries, and he has the photos of him with his kit off to prove it.

Will he sing? Will he keep his clothes on? Join us to find out!

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Monday, 13th May
3:30 pm - 8:00 pm


The Meteor Theatre
1 Victoria st
Hamilton, New Zealand