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Cosmic F*ckery

Wednesday, 8th May, 7:30 pm - Saturday, 11th May, 7:30 pm

‘‘Can’t I make a girl feel better about herself? Express her honest desires? Magic exists to make us stronger.” 

Cass breaks off a long term relationship and moves in with her half-sister, Harper, a witch. Chaos ensues when Cass gives her new love interest, Liza, a love potion. Harper’s ex-girlfriend Toni returns to the flat with news Harper isn’t ready for, a spell goes horribly wrong and the trio fall into a twisted kaleidoscope of drugs, black magic and chaos. 

Cosmic F*ckery is the latest award-nominated play by acclaimed local playwright Melanie Allison. Set in a world much like our own with one simple twist: witchcraft is alive and well. Magic exists. Witches brew potions, cast hexes, and occasionally summon the Gods of ancient Greece. 

R16 for explicit violence and language, and themes of drug abuse, terminal illness, and consent. 

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Wednesday, 8th May, 7:30 pm
Saturday, 11th May, 7:30 pm


The Meteor Theatre
1 Victoria st
Hamilton, New Zealand