Technical Information


The Meteor has the following equipment:

For a full list of equipment, please download the Meteor Theatre Technical Equipment List from

Any extra technical equipment will need to be hired in on your behalf from our preferred suppliers.

Please note: all electrical equipment must be tested and tagged before it can be used in the building. Any technical questions please contact


The Meteor can provide technical assistance as required, for pack-in, show operation and pack-out. Some complimentary support hours may be given in your contract but charges my apply.

You will need to get people involved to undertake the technical aspects required for pack-in, rigging, operation (sound, light, stage management) and pack-out.

The Meteor fully supports passing on skills in the community, if you have someone who is interested in technical work we are more than happy to teach them and help you save money on your show.

Only approved and qualified persons will be authorised to work at height – i.e. use the genie or scaffold tower.

You will have a H&S induction and will work with Guy, our technical manager, to complete a risk assessment prior to your event.

Please note: when you are in the building, you will be responsible for the health and safety of your crew and cast. Please refer to the health and safety manual available on site and by downloading this PDF:

Please note: any use of smoke machines, hazers, naked flames or flammable products will only be allowed if a risk plan and operating procedure is agreed and adhered to. Any deviation from the agreed plan / procedure and the show may be immediately cancelled.


For a longer run show, or if you are a regular user, The Meteor may provide a security card to access the building without supervision.

When you’re in The Meteor with an access card, you’re responsible for the security of the building and keeping it in good order.

Any misuse of the access card privilege may result in the card being withdrawn.