Our Spaces

Putting on an event at The Meteor is a collaboration. We co-operate with you on administration, marketing, publicity and production and offer technical assistance for your production. The Meteor generally runs ticketing, front-of-house operations and the Café.   We hold a liquor licence and always operate any alcohol sales.

There is high demand for the use of The Meteor. We try to schedule as many different events as we are able to. There may be more than one event on at a given day or time.

If sharing the space, we rely on your goodwill and our combined pre-planning to ensure a happy and workable arrangement.

The Black Box

The Meteor is a black box theatre. It’s approximately 21m x 17m x 5m in size.

There is no fixed arrangement of stage or seating. The space is completely flexible and can be configured in a variety of ways.

The Meteor has movable  seating blocks. Each block can be used individually or in groups. In its standard theatre configuration, we have the in-house capacity for 114 seats, which includes two ground-level rows. We can create smaller audience capacity according to your needs.
We also have a separate seating block that can be implemented to increase your seating capacity to 170. However, the implementation of this seating block will incur an additional charge. 
If you want to increase your seating beyond that, then run your ideas past us! Bear in mind, extra seating may have an associated cost. 

We also have 8 large round tables that can be used to create a cabaret style configuration.

For music / band performances / gigs The Meteor is licensed for a standing capacity of 350

The Nancy Caiger Gallery

The Nancy Caiger Gallery area is available as a separate space for performance, meetings and events. This space can hold up to 100 people seated and 130 for a cocktail-style function. Pricing structure varies, please ask us.

The Nancy Caiger Gallery is also available for exhibitions. Any sale of art work will accrue a 20 % commission.

Rehearsal Space

The Meteor has brand new, modern rehearsal space available for hire for three- hour sessions at a time. This spacious and light filled room is upstairs and private. Ideal for use by groups wishing to rehearse, practice, workshop or hold training sessions.

Fully carpeted, the space includes a 7 x 10 metre open area with a 3 x 3 metre cubicle and desk. There are multiple power points, cubby holes and lockable storage. The room is well lit and ventilated, with opening windows. Air conditioning and heating are also available.


We have a workshop space which houses the venue’s technical equipment. With prior arrangement this may be used for set storage and construction prior to pack in. Fees will apply.

All the info on the following tabs can be downloaded as our User Guide from Resources Tab below.