Costs and Ticketing

Risk Share Model

The Meteor operates on a partnership or “risk-share” model of 20:80. This means that The Meteor charges a daily nominal fixed venue hire fee OR takes 20 % of the daily gross box office revenue (plus GST), whichever is the higher.

The outcome is that we reduce your risk of loss but also share in your triumphs. The Meteor gets a better fee with bigger audiences, so we actively work together to achieve the best outcomes for your production. Your success becomes our success too.

Daily Charges

The daily fixed Community Rate over a multi-day performance season is $100 (plus GST). This rate is charged for all pack in and out, technical and dress rehearsals and ‘dark’ days. It is also the cost of a performance day, if your ticket revenue is below the 20% threshold.

The Meteor currently charges a fixed Community Rate of $250 (plus GST) per One Day Hire period. Again, if 20% of your gross ticket revenue exceeds this, you will be charged the higher amount.

Commercial hire rates are more appropriate for some events, prices are available upon request. Please note: our percentage has ‘first call’ status on your box office income.

A Cleaning Bond and any security access bonds will be charged when you sign the contract. These must be deposited to confirm your booking. Cleaning of all areas hired must be done to a reasonable standard to ensure the cleaning bond is returned.

Included in your hire fee is 4 hours of technical support and set up from the Meteor crew during your Pack In. Any extra technical support required above this 4 hours will be charged out at the rate of $40 per hour, per crew member required. This will be an automatic 3 hour call out.

Pack out will incur no automatic extra Technical Support charge. However, we reserve the right to charge for extra hours if packing out the event requires more than 2 hours.

Facilities and services included in the hire fee of The Meteor:

These facilities and services will be charged on top of the basic hire fee:

Complimentary Tickets (‘Comps’)

You may wish to provide complimentary tickets over your season. A general rule of thumb is two tickets per cast or crew member. In addition a show may ‘comp’ up to half the seats for opening night. There will be no charge for these comps. Any further complimentary tickets provided by a show, will be charged at the 20% ‘risk share’ fee of the average ticket price, which is a fair reflection of our share, had these tickets been sold.

You must provide a list of your season’s comps to The Meteor by opening night.

The Meteor reserves the right to utilise, on behalf of the One Victoria Trust, up to 10 complimentary tickets, over the run of a show to recognise The Meteor’s supporters. The Meteor may also offer discounted or complimentary tickets to members of our ORBIT supporters’ programme, with your agreement.

Ticketing and Audience Numbers

The Meteor has a non-exclusive arrangement with PatronBase for all booked tickets. You can use another ticketing vendor for your sales, but we recommend using our system as it ensures you have complete access to your ticketing information. You can choose to combine this with door sales, or have door sales only.

We have a credit card and EFTPOS terminal at Front of House that you are welcome to use for ticketing. We can provide a float by pre-arrangement. We ask that you use our simple ticketing system for all door sales, or another means pre-approved by The Meteor.

Collecting the numbers of people using The Meteor is an important aspect of our continued management of the Theatre. We would appreciate your honest assistance in this regard when required.

PatronBase Information

To set up your show on our website, we will send you a ticketing form to fill in.

All tickets pre booked through PatronBase carry a $2.50 ‘inside charge’ which you should take into consideration when setting your ticket price. This means that PatronBase take their fee out of the ticket purchase price and do not add on charges, except credit card fees.

The Meteor calculates the 20% from the total ticket price – which includes the PatronBase fee.

We will provide you access to a specified website so you can check on how sales are going. To request this information, email

Please send to

Invoicing and Payment

After your event has finished we will provide you with a spreadsheet breakdown of ticket sales and audience number totals for each night. This will also outline how hire fees are calculated for each night – fixed venue charge or 20% of gross, whichever is greater.

All EFTPOS and credit card door sales are settled nightly into a Meteor holding account. We hold all ticket revenue in trust until we have reconciled your sales to our mutual agreement. For single events we can sometimes do this at the conclusion of your event.

After we have agreed on the financial reconciliation we will provide a GST invoice for your hire fees and any other expenses incurred. Then we will settle any revenue we are holding to your nominated bank account, minus our invoiced amount. If we do not hold enough revenue to cover our fees further payment will be required into our provided bank account number.