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Te Ika Ao O Te Rangi – The Light Fish of the Sky

Tuesday, 29th October, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Milky Way is called Te Ikaroa a Maui, the long fish of Maui. And this is mirrored by Aotearoa, being fished up by Maui. So the stars and the land are connected. And the arrival to Aotearoa was shown in the stars of the night sky to the great navigators. They were not searching for land they were travelling the pathway in the sky to a fish caught by their legendary ancestor for them to live on.
This is in great contrast to how “New Zealand” was “discovered” by Captain Cook. It’s now time to remember who we really are, not who we’ve been colonised to be.
Captain Cook is a symbol of what’s been lost to Māori and his name is a great opportunity to remember the ancient and cosmic nature of our earth in a timeless and massive space. Colonisation has tried to secure us in a material world but our focus needs to be on the immaterial magical world we really exist in.
This event is a part of the nationwide indigenous art protect ‘The Colynesians’.
VIEWING TIMES: Wednesdays to Saturdays, 6pm to 10pm


Tuesday, 29th October
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


The Meteor Theatre
1 Victoria st
Hamilton, New Zealand