About the Meteor

The Meteor is the Waikato’s most versatile space.

We are Hamilton’s home of New Zealand theatre. The Waikato’s most exciting, accessible and affordable Performing Arts venue!

Our Vision is to enhance the performing arts in Hamilton and New Zealand by providing a vibrant and thriving venue for theatre, music, dance, poetry, exhibitions, workshops, comedy, improv…and much, much more. The diversity is awe-inspiring!

The Meteor theatre is operated by the One Victoria Trust, which exists to foster, develop, and encourage all forms of creative and performing art, in a manner that benefits the community.

In our city. By our city. For our city.

The Meteor is accessible and affordable and exists to support the new and the established, the professional and the community, and the mainstream and the experimental.

So any person or group may use this lovely building, and you’ll pay an amount designed to facilitate your endeavours AND keep us operational, via a mix of low base fees and the sharing of successful ‘door takes’.

The Meteor Story

Coming soon!


Chair: Aaron Chesham

Aaron Chesham is the owner of ACLX lighting. He has a strong background in technical production, and has been involved with the Meteor since just after its inception. He passionately wants to see the venue used to its full potential.

Charlotte Isaac

Charlotte is a commercial lawyer at Davidson Twaddle Isaac. She is also a trustee of the WEL Energy Trust and D V Bryant Trust, one of the longest-running philanthropic trusts in the Waikato, whose primary objective is “to enhance human welfare in the Waikato”.

Outside of work Charlotte is passionate about the Arts and in particular theatre in Hamilton; acting, directing and producing a range of plays, in particular locally written or devised original works. Previous governance roles have included the Hamilton Performing Arts Trust, Creative Waikato, Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival, Curiously Cut Productions, Waikato Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lifeline Waikato, Netball Waikato Region, Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic Netball, Hamilton Playbox Repertory Society and Riverlea Theatre & Arts Centre.

Ross MacLeod

Ross MacLeod has been writing, directing and producing theatre in Hamilton for the last decade. While his focus is often smaller scale original works, he has directed productions ranging from musicals to Shakespeare. He has seen The Meteor space come a long way since his first show there in 1999, but a theatre is more than just a building and he is keen to pass on any support he can offer to new writers and performers wishing to use that theatre. He is also a board member of the Hamilton Community Arts Council.

Alec Forbes

Alec likes Shakespeare, beer, football and planting trees.  He co-founded Slip of the Tongue and Hamilton Fringe Festival, and served as Chair of the Hamilton Community Arts Council.
Alec‘s connection to The Meteor goes back to the very first day the building started to transform into a theatre.

Adrienne Clothier

Adrienne has a dream job working as one of the Creative Waikato team. She has pretty much retired from stage performance now but would reconsider it if there weren’t too many lines to learn. Hiding behind a quiet and calm manner, Adrienne distinguishes herself from other artists by actually having an interest in numbers and finances. She is the company bookkeeper and a shareholder in Free Lunch Street Theatre Company. Adrienne holds a Diploma in Performing Arts (where she met her lovely husband Nick), and a BA in Drama and Management.

Dr Jeremy Mayall

Dr. Jeremy Mayall is a composer/producer/performer based in Hamilton, New Zealand. He works in music, sound art, installation and multimedia formats, with a focus on exploring his fascination in the interrelationships between sound, time, space, the senses, and the human experience.
Much of his work is collaborative, and recent projects have included work with musicians, dancers, poets, aerial silks performers, theatre practitioners, scientists, perfumers, bakers, authors, sculptors, filmmakers, pyrotechnicians, lighting designers and visual artists.

He is also teaches in the Wintec Music Department and is the Research Leader for the School of Media Arts at Wintec. Read more at http://jeremymayall.com

Toni Garson

Toni Garson has been part of the theatre world since she was 6 years old. She directed her first production at the age of 14, and has continued to act in and direct plays and musicals since then. She founded One Duck Productions in 2017, with the hope of adding to the number of quality stage productions found around the Waikato. When not involved in a show, Toni can be found working on various TV and Film productions, mostly in the Art Department.  

Toni graduated with a Master of Arts in 2017 in Screen and Media Studies from the University of Waikato, focusing on the production of web series. Toni is also a committee member of Musikmakers Inc. 

She believes that The Meteor is an important venue to have here in Hamilton, as it allows so many different kinds of creatives share their art and passion with the rest of the Waikato.

Amanda Graham

Amanda is currently the Business Events Manager with Hamilton & Waikato Tourism. Previously she owned her own Professional Conference Organising Company, and in a career spanning over 30 years has managed hundreds of conferences and business events.

Amanda loves the theatre, especially musicals. At a young age she dreamt of being an actress, but her mother sent her to secretarial school to learn a skill for when she was “out of work”. She never became a professional actress and her highest acting achievement to date is being awarded New Plymouth Little Theatre’s Best Actress in 1988.

Ruth Deacon

Ruth loves cooking, numbers, art and playing the piano. She currently works as a senior financial analyst at PwC. Ruth graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance from the University of Canterbury is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). Being a Meteor Trustee quite simply blends the best of both worlds.



Deborah Nudds – Theatre Manager

Deborah has worked at the theatre from February 2014, when the One Victoria Trust took over. As Theatre Manager her role covers the programming and operations of the venue and also covers communications with audience and productions alike. She loves how each show and event brings its own magic and diversity to the Meteor. Always approachable, Deborah aims to find solutions to problems and is here to help all who use the theatre.
Deborah has an extensive background in the local café and food scene, having started and run some successful long-lived ventures over the years, including the iconic Metropolis Caffe (1991) and is co-owner of Scoff (2001). Deborah spent several years as a Hamilton Community Arts Councillor and has enduring interest in all the Arts but has a special love for the spoken word. Deborah is the creator and director of the Toi Wāhine Festivals (2018 & 2019).

Guy Coker – Technical Manager


Hannah Mooney- Marketing and Publicity


Benny Marama – Box Office and Front of House



Our Vision

  • Provide an innovative, adaptive space for the community that encourages artistic endeavour.

Our Purpose

  • Build and support the culture and creativity of our community, artistic and audience, in all forms of creative and performing art.
  • Develop upon the legacy of the space and the various groups that have inhabited it whilst remaining forward thinking, with values and philosophy that respect the past, present and future.
  • Operate a safe, affordable but sustainable space with a culture of accessibility and innovative support.
  • Provide opportunities for development and presentation of unique and diverse performances.
  • Respect and engage with the community and adapt to any change in their needs.
  • Maintain a financial sustainability that facilitates the above purposes.
  • Endeavour to impact the wider community and culture of Hamilton both for the current and future generations.

Our Structure

The One Victoria Trust, hereinafter referred to as The Trust, comprises a board made up of a minimum 7, maximum 13 Trustees, including representatives from each of the following community groups:
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Local Community
  • Creative Representation
  • Technical
  • Marketing
  • Youth
  • Diversity
  • Sponsorship and Funding
  • Strategic
  • Hospitality
  • Institutions
  • Business Leaders
A Quorum of 5 is required for Board meetings.
Simple majority required to pass resolutions.
The Trust will:
  • Abide by the terms and conditions given in the Deed of Charitable Trust of The One Victoria Trust Board Incorporated.
  • Employ staff to fill particular roles.
  • Form sub-committees in areas agreed upon by The Trust.
  • Pay on-going operational costs include electricity, heating, insurance, telephones and internet, administration costs, cleaning, bar licences, etc.

Our Operation


  • The Theatre building will be artistically programmed.
  • While the building is open’ to all, the right to say No’ is reserved.
  • The building will not be a home for any resident group; the artist(s) vacate once a project is completed.

User Accessibility

  • Any person or group may apply’ to use the building.
  • The programming of the building to be so structured that new’ users or alternative’ projects are given opportunity alongside established artists’, and this to be actively promoted.
  • The right to decline a person or group or project is reserved.
  • The building may be used for more than one purpose or more than one performance on any one day.
  • Use of the building implies and assumes trust, informed by a responsible and professional work ethic. That trust may be abused and thereby lost, and the right to use the building removed.
  • Each project an identified person in the project is issued with an entrance code which enables people to work whenever they wish, within the agreed time frame of the project and respecting any negotiated use of the space(s) by others.

User Affordability

  • Each user will pay a small amount for the right to use the space, observing the principle that many pay little (and thereby have access) rather than a few paying a lot (excluding the many who cannot afford a higher fee).


  • User contracts will be used for each artist or group project.
  • While acknowledging the need for creative and innovative activity, the observation of safety protocols, following established guidelines for theatre spaces, will be required by all users.
  • Liability insurance cover may be required to protect the interests of both The Trust and the user(s).
  • A mechanism to enable users to register comments, complaints, or suggestions about the building and its facilities will be established.